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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 16, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i think she might be making a comeback. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox and ford. drive one. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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[ audio difficulties ] >> and also had him as somebody that worked in his house. he was reprimanded. he had to stand before the congress and this is in 1989 and 20 years later he's the chair of the financial services
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committee. the difference with this was that they took away any of his -- they were going to take away any of his committee assignments. i think peter king the republican was right. he would have been isolated. he would have been barely hanging on and more than anything he didn't have any defenders or really vehement friends who would speak on his behalf and i also think the democratic party was worried about future revelations, not that i know about them, single day there was something new and more perverse and they just couldn't take it anymore. >> it sounds like wee have been another charlie rangel if he -- he would have been another charlie rangel if he stayed on. >> charlie rangel did stay in congress. >> yes. just hanging by a thread. what does this mean for the democrats in congress, for that district and there were thoughts he would run for mire of new york. what does this moonlit -- mayor of new york. what does this mean politically? >> yeah, that's done. he ran in 2005 and finished a
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strong second and the irony is if he left conq the last time he would have -- congress the last time he would have beaten michael bloomberg. now he's not going to get in the mayor's race in 2013. it's interesting. i think the republicans have a shot in the 9th district. it's gone republican, trending republican more than any congressional district held by a democratic congressman. it's brooklyn and queens but it's archie bunkerland in a lot of ways. they're registered democrats but don't necessarily vote for a democrat and it was john mccain's second best district in the state of new york where he got walloped. >> got about 10 seconds. does that mean anything for the presidential election? >> no. it will be forgotten and if this had happened a three weeks before the presidential election -- happened three weeks before the presidential election, then it would have hurt the democratic party. people will use it as some sort of nostalgia. it won't hurt it.
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>> we've been talking about it two weeks now. people are speaking out about anthony weiner on our facebook page. shane says everything you work for ruined by hormones. clyde wrote can someone name a charismatic single heterosexual male politician who didn't flirt with women? our coverage of anthony weiner scandal continues on our website you can watch today's news conference, all four minutes of it, as well as view a timeline of events leading up to the congressman's resignation. look for the link in the hot topics bar. >> taking a live look outside, part of our area under a severe thunderstorm warning right now. at one point earlier tonight it was pouring outside our studios here in northwest washington, several areas getting hit with scattered showers and thunderstorms tonight. meteorologist gary mcgrady is in the weather center with the latest. what are you seeing down there? >> strong thunderstorms, even severe. we take it right over to the radar to give you an idea where these strong storms are and now
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severe. this is going to be a severe thunderstorm warning and this will be for warren county, for fauquier county. this is the storm holding out to the east of front royal and expect some winds with this storm, over 60, some hail that could potentially be up to quarter size hail and a lot of dangerous lightning and some ve this storm is running right there along 66th and the corner of it is -- and the core of it is just south of 6th 6th. some of the communities affect -- 66th. some of the communities that will ab affected with the severe weather out ahead of it. -- will be affected with the severe weather out ahead of it. there's the fauquier county warning until 10:45. in terms of what is happening with rappahannock county it's also 10:45 and for warren county, all these 10:45. it's moving to the east about
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25 miles per hour. it's coming again right down 66. it holds together, it's going start move into some more populated areas, eventually the plains, right down potentially into the metro area before it's said and done and i think we have the potential of some of these strong thunderstorms lasting for the next several hours. i'll tell you why coming up when i come upstairs with the full forecast. >> we'll see you very soon, talk more about that. meantime we are following another developing story, this one out of prince george's county. two men are under arrest in connection with the killing of a tow truck driver. anton agurs was found dead just outside his tow truck last week. 40-year-old andre sanders and 24-year-old christopher damon sanders are now facing murder charges. they remember arrested in d.c. on unrelated charge -- were arrested in d.c. on unrelated charges and were extradited back to prince george's county yesterday first on degree murder warrants. candlelight vigil in virginia tonight for the nephew of a maryland congressman to
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remember 20-year-old christopher cummings shot and killed during an apparent random attack last week at his off camp us road in norfolk. cummings was the nephew of maryland representative elijah cummings. a public viewing was held in baltimore earlier today. my name is kaya henderson. >> kaya henderson, getting a little testy at her confirmation hearing. we'll tell you what lies ahead for the woman vying to be the next leader of d.c. public schools. >> reporter: a d.c. council member is demanding an apology from safeway after a clerk makes homophobic remarks. i'm matt ackland, that story coming up. 
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down here in the newsroom we're covering an assistant principal in fauquier county elementary school. he made his first court appearance today and is apparently being held until tomorrow. >> tomorrow he'll have a detention hearing in federal
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court tomorrow. joshua myers was a rising star in the fauquier county school system where he was just promoted to be principal of another elementary school when the fbi came calling necessitated morning. they searched his house -- yesterday morning. they searched his house several hours before taking him into custody. it was a scene that stunned his neighbors. just after 6:30 yesterday morning the fbi arrived in force at this house on estate avenue in warrenton. watching from across the street were two neighbors who had gotten to know joshua myers quite well. >> kept to himself a lot, but we borrowed yard tools and cups of sugar, eggs. i watched his house a few times, you know. he was nice. he's been very gracious and kind. we share things back and forth, lawn mowers and dog food, just very kind and good hearted person. >> reporter: but when julia sarra saw the way myers was acting on his front lawn, they knew something was terribly wrong. >> they were questioning him
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and he just looked sick, you know, kept putting his hands on his head and bending over. >> reporter: according to a court affidavit filed in the case, myers was discovered online by an undercover officer who convinced him to share a password to files containing child pornography. during an online chat with the same agent the affidavit says myers admitted having sex with children as young as 9 and as old as 14. when questioned by the fbi, the affidavit says myers admitted having child porn on a thumb drive as well as on a work issued laptop computer. >> stomach turns, you know. who knew? i'm scared. i'm worried for my children, community. it's terrible to feel this way. >> reporter: at greenville elementary where myers had been assistant principal since 2008 the last day of school was friday. the principal declined to comment. in a statement the school system said at this time there is no indication that children
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enrolled in fauquier county public schools were involved in circumstances that led to mr. myers' arrest. >> the last day of school for students in fauquier public schools was friday. the principal at greenville elementary where myers was working declined to comment. >> it's just stunning that somebody in this position would take such a chance allegedly in talking to somebody online who they don't know. >> sometimes i see them as much as once a week you can look at these charges. it really is amazing how these people will actually share passwords and talk online and chat online with people they do not know. >> you got to learn sometime. unbelievable. paul wagner, thanks. brian, back to you. a safeway check-out clerk fire ford what she said to two gay customers -- fired for what she said to two gay customers when the two gay men were about to put their food on the belt. she used a homophobic slur twice. a city manager demanded an
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apology from safeway and got more than that today. >> it took several days and a lot of pressure, but the clerk was finally fired today. safeway's eastern division president said he was shocked and appalled to learn about the statements made to the gay customers, but why did it take so long for safeway to react? well, the gay customers believe it only happened after the media and a very vocal council member got involved. >> reporter: jason morgan and his partner brendan harrington had just finished up celebrating gay pride on saturday when they stopped off for some food and wine at this safeway in southwest. morgan told us when they approached the clerk, she greeted them with a homophobic word that starts with the letter f. shocked they asked her what she said again and she repeated it. >> i know that if that person worked for me, they would have been fired in minutes. >> reporter: d.c. council member tommy wells got involved when he felt like safeway wasn't reacting quickly enough to the incident. the couple said they tried to report the homophobic comments to a manager for days and
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nothing was done. so they went to the media and wells issued this stern message on his twitter account wednesday night. >> i want to see safeway assure us everyone has received the type of diversity training so they can serve the residents of the district of columbia. >> reporter: phillips said a neighbor of the couple went to the safeway and found the clerk who admitted to it all. he even apologized on camera. >> i apologize for everything they said. i'm deeply sorry for this. >> reporter: but the question many have is why did it take so long for safeway to act? >> we clearly had a communication breakdown. >> reporter: safeway's craig muckles said it took 3 1/2 days for upper management to be told even though the gay customers were trying to report it. >> you have a significant customer issue here. this is not a minor issue by any stretch of the imagination and i know again our management is looking at that very
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seriously and there will be some action taken internally to make sure nothing like that falls through the cracks again. >> reporter: we're told store management could face discipline after an internal investigation is conducted. also safeway employees will receive a refresher on their diversity training. we just received an e-mail from the couple saying they planned to seek additional advice as they move forward and they believe safeway should take out a full page ad in a local gay magazine apologizing for the incident. back to you, brian. >> matt ackland tonight. despite mixed reviews kaya henderson appears to be on track now to become d.c.'s next public schools chancellor. mayor gray's nominee testified today before a city council confirmation hearing. fox 5's karen gray houston has more. >> my name is kaya henderson. don't want to talk about it. i will be about it. >> reporter: don't ask the interim chancellor about her past ties to our mentor,
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controversial predecessor. kaya henderson is trying to establish her own reputation and identity, less abrasive than the hard charging michelle rhee, more willing to listen. >> over the last eight months i've had a track record of actually responding to people's questions, trying to be as transapparent as i possibly curve ball. >> reporter: henderson is still wedded -- possibly curve ball. >> reporter: henderson is still wedded to administration reforms put into place before her. many had qualms about the teacher evaluation system known as impact and the mass reduction in force that left hundreds out of work. >> i haven't abandoned my people who have been hurt when michelle rhee was here because they still got moderns to pay. >> we knew we would always make changes and refinements. this fall we should receive results from an evaluation that i think in addition to what we've heard from teachers and parents, they will consider as be make changes toward moving forward. >> reporter: but clearly there are challenges ahead.
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>> the majority of students in our public school system are low income parents and students. i would say 60 to 65% of them and they've been left out of the system. they've been kicked around. they get the least resources and i'm fighting for that group of people. >> i want her to make sure that when we ask her to come east of river to talk to us about -- of the river to talk to us about situations or things that they're changing, that we have some say-so in it. >> that was fox 5's karen gray houston. the council, by the way, not expected to vote on this until later this summer. the corruption scandal in prince george's county far from over, now the owners of this liquor store connected to the scandal that brought down county exec jack johnson. plus robocall controversy, why two men connected to maryland's former governor now face charges. 
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owners of several prince george's county liquor stores today admitted they were involved in a corruption scheme with former county exec jack johnson. appearrick and ravender melhi pleaded guilty in district court as part of conspiring to untaxed alcohol giving other gifts to johnson in exchange for licenses and other legislation. ravender pleaded guilty to conspiracy for illegal use of state medical records. bogus robocalls made on election day, paul shy recollect worked for the former -- paul shivek worked for the former governor and are now charged with conspiracy -- mayor are now charged with
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conspiracy to violate election laws. the calls went out mostly to voters in baltimore and prince george's county. al-qaeda has a new leader, but what effect, if any, will this have on the war on terror? our terrorism expert joins us at the bottom of the hour. plus remembering 9/11, why a piece of the world trade center has come to virginia. and a scare in the stands at the u.s. open. coming up you'll hear from the police officer who came to a fan's aid during a health emergency. ♪
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there's a new man in charge of al-qaeda, u.s. counterterrorism officials telling fox the tape is authentic and ayman al-zawahri is the long time aide to osama bin laden bin now leads the al- qaeda network. u.s. officials question whether al-zawahri will have the same ability to lead the group as bin laden did.
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others say it doesn't matter who leads al-qaeda. joining me now on the new al- qaeda leadership is steen ross with the center for terrorism research and at the foundation for defense of democracy. thank you for being with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> with a less charismatic leader in al-zawahri how do you think the organization will be affected ultimately? >> i think the biggest effect will be in terms of fundraising. you have a less charismatic leader and al-zawahri is egyptian. bin laden was saudi arabian and many donors to al-qaeda are saudis. that may impact their strategy ultimately. >> and with the death of bin laden it seems they're more debilitate expected fragmented than ever. does al-zawahri have what it takes to bring al-qaeda back to what it once was? >> i think we tend to mistake what we've seen al-qaeda doing in the west with what their actual capabilities are. they ushered in a new strategy and it's been very much economic. they've been trying to grind
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down the american economy and the strategy is what they call the strategy of 1,000 cuts. that is smaller, yet more frequent attacks designed to drive up security costs. they're doing a pretty good job of that particularly given our perilous economic situation. >> what effect will this have on the war on terror in general? >> i don't think it's going to affect their strategy in the near term, which is economic. in the medium term if their finances are hit, that's where it will have an impact. >> what about u.s. operatives? are they taking steps to go after al-zawahri and do we know where he is? >> they say that he's probably in pakistan. we had estimates today as to his location, but remember u.s. intelligence was way off for most past decade as to where bin laden was. so it's not clear to me they'll be any more accurate as to al- zawahri's location in pakistan. >> since he was already one of the most senior officials in al- qaeda, do you have any idea what the process is of elevating him to leader? >> yes.
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you had a basically command council that in some way managed to get together in order to determine who the new leader of al-qaeda would be. now a lot of the process is very opaque which can be seen by the fact that a lot of bad intelligence was coming out as to what the council was deciding, but apparently you have a consensus within the ranks. you had a statement come out from al-qaeda's general command which was affirming that al- zawahri is indeed the new head of al qaeda. >> thanks for enlightening us on the whole process and what's going to happen you. pieces of our painful history are in prince william county tonight. four steel beams salvaged from the wreckage of the world trade center on 9/11. police escorting the convoy of beams stopped at the government complex for a brief ceremony. the steel will be held at the public safety training center until a design competition determines how the pieces will be displayed in the community. meanwhile more than 50 object from that painful day will go on display at the
10:34 pm
smithsonian's national museum of history to mark 10th anniversary of the terror attacks. the items include objects from the pentagon offices, a crushed fire truck door and airplane fragments among other things. the museum will have a special display of artifacts from september 3rd through the 11th. the center of the golf world was in our area today, here all weekend. all i'lls on congressional country club -- eyes on congressional country club up in bethesda. dave feldman joins us for more on first round. >> reporter: the three top players were together in the world today. the top distinction belonged to phil mickelson, rory mcilroy and dustin johnson. one played very well, but two not so much but first to maryland native fred funk, finished his round with this, a bogey on 18, funk shooting 4- over 75. he'll need a good day tomorrow to stay around for the weekend. it was phil mickelson's 41st
10:35 pm
birthday today. his first present, a double bogey on 10 and here his tee shot on 14 goes into the high grass. he bogeyed that hole, school was 3-over 74. one of phil's playing partners rory mcilroy had a much better round. the birdie putt on 18. had he to wait for it. the second of three straight birdies by mcilroy, your leader by three strokes at 6-under par. >> i felt very comfortable. i said this in the press conference tuesday. it doesn't feel like a typical u.s. open for some reason. the golf course is going to get harder and firmer and trickier, but i still feel as if it's very playable and it's quite fair. >> reporter: this is the third time in the last four majors mcilroy has held the first round lead. there was some drama outside the ropes of congressional today. a 29-year-old male suffered a heart attack near the 11th tee. police, fire and rescue personnel were summoned to the scene. cpr was performed and the man
10:36 pm
was taken to a local hospital where he remains in stable but serious condition. defending champion graeme mcdowell was playing the 11th hole when the man collapsed. >> it puts things in bring active for you, you know. you're out there trying to do your best, but certainly put golf in perspective when you see someone obviously fighting for their life and, you know, all the people, the usga have in place this week for events like that, it's great to see the paramedics reacting and doing their job that they're here to do. >> reporter: joining me now is the montgomery police officer who performed cpr on the heart attack victim, dedra shugru. thanks for joining us. what happened on the 11th tee over there? >> we were riding along with mr. funk and his group and we were alerted by one of the spectators that someone was down on the -- just behind us a few feet away on the hill and we ran over to him and he was
10:37 pm
actually having seizures at the time and we quickly determined that he was really in trouble and as his color went from red to blue, the trooper zimmerman that i was with jumped down and started doing the chest compressions and i was delayed a few minutes because i had to get on the radio and ask for medical assistance from fire rescue and then we started cpr. >> reporter: so you and trooper zimmerman both does the cpr? >> correct. he did the chest compressions and i did the breaths. >> reporter: then i understand, officer that, a defibrillator was used. was one there or was one brought in? >> in. unfortunately we did what we could do -- no. unfortunately we did what we could do until fire rescue came and they had their defibrillator with them and paramedic and other personnel to assist us. >> reporter: the temps were in the 80s, but there was cloud cover. it was humid. the man was 29 years old we're
10:38 pm
told. do we think this was heat- related? >> well, i'm not sure, but my understanding was that he had some type of heart defect already. he had some heart problems that may or may not have been, you know, the weather may have contributed to it to some extent, but i think it was some sort of a heart problem, preexisting condition. >> reporter: you've worked this tournament before, not a u.s. open, but golf tournaments here. how common is something like this? >> i'm told that, you know, it does happen from time to time. i have never been right there when does like this had happened. >> reporter: thank you for your time, officer, and really nice work today out on the course. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: good story, back to you. it's the shooting that may have ultimately led to tupac shakur's violent death, details that has investigators questioning a convicted felon. at 10:47 the defense begins its attack in the evidence in
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the casey anthony murder trial. but first tonight business with liz macdonald. >> it's good news/bad news for the housing market. construction on new homes picking up 3.5% in may, but we are well below what's considered a healthy pace. a new building permits rising last month to the highest level since last december. apartment and condo construction making up a lot of the gains mooning more people could be renting in the -- meaning more people could be renting in the future, not a great sign for the turn around in sales, though. meantime saving money and eating out could have the largest grocery store raising its profit line as more consumers are dealing with high food and gas prices by eating at home. another round of recalls for chrysler, atmaker pulling back more than 11,000 -- the automaker pulling back more than 11,000 cars, minivans and other models over steering
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issues, the recall impacting 20011 models. that's -- 20011 models. that's business. i'm list mcdonald. 
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a convicted felon says he shot rapper tupac shakur. dexter isaac who is serving life in prison for other crimes says he's one of the men who appear burred shakur -- who ambushed shakur. isaac said he was paid $2,500 by another hip-hop mogul to rob the rapper this shooting. shakur survived the shooting but the feud ended with the murders of shakur and notorious fellow rapper b.i.g. a pickup truck driver may be who police are looking for
10:44 pm
in the disappearance of 20-year- old lauren spear last seen in bloomington after going out drinking the night with friends. police have i'veed hundreds of tips since release -- received hundreds of tips since relesion the picture and found -- releasing the picture of the pickup truck. $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer. . downtown d.c. to central manhattan in less than two hours. is that even a reality? it will happen in the next decade according to one congressman, but there need to be a major change at amtrak, what he wants. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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it is the defense's turn now to lay out its case in the casey anthony murder trial. prosecutors say she killed her 2-year-old daughter caylee three years ago drugging her
10:48 pm
with chloroform and suffocating her with duct tape. the defense argues the child accidentally drowned in her grandparents' swimming pool. fox's phil keating has the latest from orlando. >> reporter: the defense of casey anthony begins with an attack on the evidence or lack of evidence on the circumstantial murder case presented by the prosecution. this morning jurors got their first look at photographs of casey anthony's bedroom as it was three summers ago. a single bed, a collage of photos on the door and in the closet the wardrobe of a single mom, a crime scene tech testifying under ultraviolet light no blood was found on casey anthony's clothes, specifically the gray charcoal pants casey anthony wore june 16th, 2008, the day caylee died, but on cross-examination the prosecutor scored this point. >> the pants had been washed by her mother. >> yes. she informed me that she washed a particular item, yes.
10:49 pm
>> reporter: but defense attorney jose baez got a dna analyst on the stand to talk about them looking for blood on the truck liner of casey anthony's car. >> all those items were tested and were negative. >> reporter: also testimony the duct tape found around caylee anthony's skeleton was contaminated telling jurors dna she analyzed from the tape did not match the victim, her mother or grandparents. instead it matched another forensic examiner with the fbi who analyzed the tape earlier, all of this happening on the three year anniversary of the day little caylee anthony died, june 16th, 2008. in orlando, florida, phil keating, fox news. >> we had some severe thunderstorm warnings in effect when we started the newscast tonight. how's it looking now? >> no more severe thunderstorm warnings, but a lot of real heavy rain. this is really coming together
10:50 pm
now and probably will. look at the radar. it's just lit up over the last 45 minutes or so. there's a reason for it and we talked a little bit about it at 6:00. there is a pretty good severe thunderstorm coming across the north of us and it's gotten a little closer to us and it's been kind of elevating, increasing our chances for these thunderstorms. briefly this evening we had a couple good strong cells that went severe, nothing like that right now. all this is moving along 66. this right here that's now into fairfax county and beginning to move across the river into d.c. basically here along 66, very, very heavy rain there. that was severe earlier. we have another storm system that's coming again right along 66, very heavy rain here. now this is in fauquier county coming into prince william county and a line coming together from central sections of pennsylvania all the way down interstate 1. where you see these reds, the real deep
10:51 pm
reds, that's very heavy rain. we're talking potential of 4 inches of rain per hour if the storm were to stay in one spot, but it's moving to the east now at about 25 miles per hour. so i'm not expecting any flooding issues here, but again if on under one of these thunderstorms, they'll be very loud, too, because there's a lot of lightning with these storms and, of course, the lightning approach do uses the thunder. we're getting -- produces the thunder. we're getting several flashes here. i think the lightning is causing some very cloud thunder. let's switch over to the next source and zoom in tighter here, annandale getting some very heavy rain. moving right along 66 through fairfax county just crossing over said if the beltway here. so arlington is -- inside the beltway here, so arlington is about to get heavy rain here. this will continue to move east and right behind it there's another storm whatever rain moving right across 66 there to the east again at about 25 miles per hour. one more radar stop. i've got all our radars utilized this evening to take
10:52 pm
you back out to the northwest to see this line that stretches from carlisle, pennsylvania, all the way down back into maryland and down into virginia. this is very heavy rain, too, with a lot of lightning, a little wind, maybe some small hail and this whole line is moving west to east at about 25 miles per hour. so eventually hagerstown is getting wet right now, frederick. this will come across and move down i-70, probably 270 as well. before it's all said and dob done most of us get wet over-- done most of us get wet overnight and the chances of severe thunderstorms waning during the overnight hours, but we'll still have showers and storms, probably 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow morning. here's temperatures cooled off in some places at this hour being 68 gaithersburg, in town the lower 70s. the next few days we're warmer up, more humidity, thunderstorms tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon, a little drier it looks like saturday, high of 91 and for father's day we're back into that chance of
10:53 pm
some showers and thunderstorms. just to the north and west of us, right in here there's an area of rotation in the upper levels of the atmosphere. as that's getting closer to us, that's basically what is kicking off these showers and thunderstorms and not on not increasing them in intensity from what we had earlier this evening, but increasing them in coverage as well. so until that gets through we at least have the chance for some showers and some storms. they linger overnight tonight. the suburbs are cooler than we are in town down here in the lower 60s. we start off with clouds tomorrow morning, maybe a shower or two, warm by noon, 82 degrees and thunderstorms popping back up tomorrow afternoon, high temperature in the mid- to upper 80s, kind of depends how much sunshine you get late in the day. spotty shower or thunderstorm, not out of the realm of possibility saturday, but it looks like we'll be fairly dry, more scattered thunderstorms on father's day and then we just
10:54 pm
kind of continue with that trend follow the next several days and temperatures feeling right around 90 degrees each day. >> you just keep inching up that saturday temperature. >> well, i came back. didn't know what sue had been doing the last couple days. i was off, but you can blame it on me if you'd like. >> no. >> you know what we need? we need high pressure to come back. we like canadian high pressure, don't we? that was responsible for last week, paid attention. coming up a little boy battling leukemia now on a mission to help others like him. next how a triathlon could help ease the financial burden for families who are fighting for survival. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealer. 
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this time last year a local boy was battling leukemia. now he's working to help other
10:58 pm
families recover and thrive. beth parker has the story. >> i have leukemia. >> reporter: when we met ryan darby a year ago, he had recently been diagnosed with leukemia. >> he woke up screaming that my back was hurting. >> reporter: now his thick red hair is back and sore the giggles. so are the giggles. so is the spring in his step. he'll need it this weekend. ryan is participating in a triathlon. >> i'm pretty excited. >> reporter: 289 kids signed up. it was started by bethesda mothers. >> a group of moms were racing together under a team name just try it. we were doing our first triathlon. >> reporter: one of those moms was molly darby. when her son was diagnosed, the group changed its name to just try it to just trying it after ryan. this year instead of fighting for ryan's survival, they'll be fighting back tears. >> hopefully i will not embarrass him by crying too hard, but i b know there will be tears when he -- know there will be tears when he jumps in
10:59 pm
the pool and crosses the finish line. >> reporter: you know there will be tears watching these two. 6-year-old avery just finished her leukemia treatments. >> i want to ride my bike. >> reporter: but she's too sick, so jillian, who she just met, will run on her behalf. >> it's not just like -- it's kind of more personal because you know someone who has it. >> reporter: the money raised will help ease financial burdens of families with children being treated at georgetown university hospital. john pettway is arias dad. >> half the families up there -- is avery's dad. >> half the families up there, one or both spouses lose their job and haven't seen an organization so focused on that group and that need and i think it's just wonderful. >> reporter: kids under 10 will run a 1/2-mile on the field, jumping in the pool for a lap and hopping on the bicycle,


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